Valetudo Racket is a relatively new sport which is played on most level terrains, especially on sand.  The courtis 5.50m. wide, and 11.50m. long and the boundary line is marked by a rectangular ‘margin’ frame made of 4 yellow ,plastic strips, 6 cm. wide, placed on the sand. The main objective is to calculate the speed of the ball which is detected and measured by a radar device connected to a computer which employs original software to process and record the following:

1.     The speed of the ball

2.     The total number of ball exchanges among the players

3.     The average speed of the ball

4.      The drops of the ball (every drop signals the end of a phase)

5.      The speed limit of the ‘service’ or the ‘spike’ which gets a ‘bonus score’ if exceeded. (see chart below)


1.   Men.  Doubles or fours

2.   Women. Doubles or fours

3.   Mixed. Doubles or fours


            1.   Children: Boys – Girls  Ages 12-16

            2.   Adults: Men- Women  Ages 16-35

           3.   Veterans  (over 35)

There are no ‘bonuses’ for the veterans at present, but that will change in the near future, as soon as the proper software is developed which will calculate the degree of difficulty of the players’ struggle falls’, after various tests. Every player needs to participate in those ‘pilot’ tests for more accurate results. Furthermore, if a veteran wishes to compete in the 2nd category he can, but not the other way around. Finally, if the categories are not comprised of a total of 4 teams are not eligible to participate.-

Although the philosophy of VR incorporates the spirit of the saying ‘anything- goes’, some rules and restrictions are necessary in order to maintain ‘good rhythm’ during the sets and safeguard the general image of the game. Attention has been paid, however, so that these rules do not affect negatively the performance of the players.  


               TEAM COMPOSITION

           (Regulations and Profile)

Each team, apart from the main players, is required to provide one or two reserve, (back-up) players. The ‘leader’ of the team is responsible for any ‘inappropriate conduct’ of his team’s players inside the court.   The coach isthe ‘guide’ of the team, as well as the ‘link’ between the players and the Registry Committee. He intervenes instantaneously and terminates the set, upon indication of ‘misconduct’ among the players. He, also, registers the names of the players, and asks for ‘time-out’ (allowed for only two), provided the set’s duration is longer than 20’. Finally, he decides on signing up the reserve players, and receives the results from the R.C. at the end of the game.

During the game, all the contestants are able to improve their performance by accessing helpful info. from a ‘monitor score board’ which indicates  the score, remaining time, average ‘potential’, falls, etc.

Each team is required to appear in a sports ‘uniform’ which will represent its club, or its ‘soon to be’ club, since the championship tournaments  are an ‘inner- club’ competition.  All the teams will be competing with new criteria passing through the stages of quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals, offering an athletic spectacle so fascinating that evokes awe, and sweeps the audience off their feet.

All the participant players will be VR-club members, by signing a solemn statement stipulating that they are responsible for any sickness, or other medical incident at the games. The members of the teams that represent a ‘club’ are required to remain throughout the entire tournament period. If for some personal reason a player wishes to change ‘club’ or team during the tournament, he may do so, only with the consent and approval of his ‘club’. 



The Registry Committee is comprised of: 1) The Radar Operator, who handles the apparatus, 2) The Umpire, who is also responsible for the whole administrational procedure of making out the ‘competition list’ and signing it, and 3) The ‘Alytarch’, who acts as a ‘link’ (‘go-between’ the players and the Umpire), confirms and notifies him on the game’s developments when necessary. Decisions for issues concerning inspection of the rackets, size, weight, etc, or use of ‘helpful’ and, or, other (accessory) material, will be made by all our members. Regarding registration, we will be honored to register anybody who abides by the rules especially, the ‘red lines’ of VR.

                                RED LINES

1.   STRENGTH. Exchanging ‘hard’ balls of the highest ‘mean’ speed.

2.   TECHNIQUE. Employing  dexterity and ‘struggle falls’ to maintain and prolong the high speeds of the ball.

3.   PHYSICAL CONDITION. The extent to which the players can maintain their ‘spark’ and zest throughout the game.



The court is 5,50m. wide and 11.50m. long and is marked by a ‘bordering’, rectangular, ‘frame’ line made of 4, 6cm. wide, yellow, plastic strips placed on the sand. There are cases when the length is adjusted to even less than 10m. so as to accommodate a ‘limited’ beach space. This, of course, doesn’t affect the hard struggles, nor the general performance of the players since everybody is judged by the same degree of difficulty.




From any point inside the court, each contestant plays ‘offensively’ (attacks), or ‘defensively’ (saves the ball), alternatively, according to the development of each phase. The players can cross the ‘boundary line’ and play outside the court to retrieve or spike the ball, if the game calls for it, but must return to it immediately afterwards.

The balls used are the same as in tennis and must be brand new in every game. Again, issues concerning the ball itself are discussed and decided upon, by all members.

The players with their back to the radar are called ‘OUT’ while the others facing it, ‘IN’. The first ‘hard’ ball (the ‘service’) is delivered by, one, or two players, jointly (provided the ‘pass’ is made with the racket). In both cases the players must be inside the court (both feet on the inside of the ‘margin’). In the case of 4 players, each side decides independently how to ‘service’. Also, when the ball falls, the ‘service’ is executed by the team that’s nearest to, (‘in’-side or ‘out’-side), regardless of which team scores.   

Furthermore, during the game all players are required to exercise self-control and respect the ‘conduct- code’ of ethics. There will be penalties for those who violate the code (misbehave, swear, insult deliberately, or engage in any disrespectful action that undermines the safety and integrity of the game), something which will be decided upon, by the VR-club members.

Each team is required to be informed of its ‘starting time’, and players must allow time for individual ‘warm-up’ (at the adjacent courts), and 5min. together as a team, on the designated ‘contest court’. Consequently, there cannot be any other sports activity on those courts during the tournaments, as it is ‘inhibitive’ and disrespectful to the game’s proprieties, the  spectators, as well as the players who do ‘all that lies within them’ to compete.





To avoid disruption of the natural ‘flow’ and rhythm of the game, it isimperative that the ball is retrieved quickly. The so, called, ‘ball-boys’,  (a designated team of kids) are assigned for that, who are generally ‘supportive’ during the game and try to comfort the contestants in their painstaking endeavors. Noted, the duration of the game is at least 30min. without the delays, and at the start of a ‘set’, game-time begins to count strictly after the player has got hold of the ball.




The program will be posted and will integrate 3 Regional Divisions in order to accommodate the increasing participation demand throughout the country.

1.   CHAMPIONSHIP OF ATTICA There will be 5-7 tournaments including that of Kiato and Halkida.



All members will be notified for additional games with new regions, accordingly.


Game Bonus Service Bonus
Km/h Bonus Km/h Bonus
80 0 80 0
81 1 81 0
82 3 82 0
83 6 83 0
84 10 84 0
85 15 85 0
86 21 86 0
87 28 87 1
88 36 88 3
89 45 89 6
90 55 90 10
91 66 91 15
92 78 92 21
93 91 93 28
94 105 94 36
95 120 95 45
96 136 96 55
97 153 97 66
98 171 98 78
99 190 99 91
100 210 100 105
101 231 101 120
102 253 102 136
103 276 103 153
104 300 104 171
105 325 105 190
106 351 106 210
107 378 107 231
108 406 108 253
109 435 109 276
110 465 110 300
111 496 111 325
112 528 112 351
113 561 113 378
114 595 114 406
115 630 115 435
116 666 116 465
117 703 117 496
118 741 118 528
119 780 119 561
120 820 120 595
121 861 121 630
122 903 122 666
123 946 123 703
124 990 124 741
125 1035 125 780
126 1081 126 820
127 1128 127 861
128 1176 128 903
129 1225 129 946
130 1275 130 990
131 1326 131 1035
132 1378 132 1081
133 1431 133 1128
134 1485 134 1176
135 1540 135 1225
136 1596 136 1275
137 1653 137 1326
138 1711 138 1378
139 1770 139 1431
140 1830 140 1485
141 1891 141 1540
142 1953 142 1596
143 2016 143 1653
144 2080 144 1711
145 2145 145 1770
146 2211 146 1830
147 2278 147 1891
148 2346 148 1953
149 2415 149 2016
150 2485 150 2080